With the increased attention given to drinking and driving and the national increase in accidents involving alcohol, laws regulating  BAC (blood alcohol content) have become extremely strict and specific.  Personal Breath Alcohol Tester or P-BAT can help by giving anyone who consumes alcohol an accurate estimate of actual BAC so they can avoid the costly expense of alcohol related issues.


P-BAT or Personal Breath Alcohol Tester is a hand-held portable breath alcohol detector that uses gas semiconductor technology. Air expired through the top opening passes over a special membrane that reacts in the presence of alcohol molecules. The semiconductor measures the difference in electrical resistance and generates an estimate of the user’s BAC on the LED screen display.

The market for Personal Breath Alcohol Tester is quite broad and includes anyone who consumes alcohol. Male or female, young or old, individuals who consume alcohol are responsible for knowing their blood alcohol content or BAC. Every time a person takes a drink and considers operating a motor vehicle, they are forced to question their BAC- Personal Breath Alcohol Tester provides the answer to that question.


* Personal Breath Alcohol Testers are designed for informational purposes only. Test results are only an estimation of your blood alcohol and are not legally accepted. The results given by this breath tester gives BAC for reference only, manufacturer does not take any legal responsibility. Accepted test are performed by qualified technicians, using professional grade equipment that is calibrated frequently. When in doubt about your ability to drive safely, do not drive.